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The participation of this profile experts in repairs, reconstruction or construction of the object from the ground up, is intended to the observance of rights of the customer, the most important of which is the receipt of the desirable quality construction works with rational use of committed facilities.

Main task of the engineering is the implementation of professional technical control at all stages of project, structural and finishing works, as well as the nonadmission of the unreasonable expenses of the customer's funds. Improving the quality of construction to the adequate level, the engineering not only prevent from defects and save the customer's funds, but often save the construction company image.

The engineering task is also the quest for compromises, common language between the customer and the contractor, the protection against dishonest partnership for the obtaining of the result in the form of the object, whose construction has been completed. We are for productive and mutually beneficial relationship between all the parties, involved into the construction procedure.

We recommend the customer to involve the experts in engineering to the examination of the project at the stage of work on its architectural part. As practice shows, the architects keen on creation of original interior decision, often forget that successful completion of their creative ideas is closely connected to design-engineering and financial part of the construction procedure.

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