General contract

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General contract is considered to be one of the most complicated complex works at the construction market, as it intends the organization of not only its own work, but the work of  subcontractors. The customer often can not coordinate the work of specialists, watch over timely  deliveries of construction materials, following the production process and the construction  period. To avoid losses, idle time and conflicts, the general contract is the perfect decision. All  organization and continuous construction process functions are undertaken by the general  contractor.

Main functions and obligations of the general contracting organization are the following:

  • conclusion of contracts with the suppliers of equipment and materials;
  • work with subcontractors concerning the organization of all construction procedure;
  • quality control and meeting requirements of state supervision services;
  • observance of all performance dates; 
  • construction value control;
  • supplying information to the customer on work performance at any stage of construction;
  • safety and health monitoring;
  • facility commissioning.

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